Japanese Penpals



I used to have a lovely Japanese Penpal back in High School. I used to love receiving a letter (on kawaii Japanese stationary) and

sometimes a gift. Because I’m wanting to start learning  Japanese, I thought it would be a great idea to sign up for a Penpal, to help

me with my Japanese and I could help them with their English and also just learning about their fascinating culture.

Just overnight I had received 19 responses! 4 of which that I would like to keep as Penpals.

The way of knowing that you’ve found a great is their response letter.

If it’s too short most likely it won’t be interesting. SKIP.

If they want to know what you are wearing. SKIP (Or RUN even!).

I asked for a couple of hobbies, occupation, age, gender, and their favourite Japanese cartoon character to be included in their repsonse.

The best responses were the honest, fun, and interesting ones!

Can’t wait to post more on my new friends.

Sayonara for now



The Fear of Flying


As a child there was nothing more exciting than sitting on the plane, because that meant I would be going somewhere new and fun. Also, the joy of receiving an activity pack from the pretty air hostesses which usually included crayons, colouring book, toy and sometimes a small backpack.

Never affected by any inflight turbulence, knowing that my parents were right there to protect me. Fast forward another 20 years and BAM! My fear of flying has taken over! It’s not that I don’t travel enough, I travel quite a lot actually.

It may be from the bad turbulence on a budget flight ( let’s just say that they have been named after a wild animal) that I experienced flying from Tasmania back to Melbourne, where it sounded like the engine stopped and the plane dropped a few metres. Passengers including myself were screaming and gripping down hard on armrests with our knuckles turning white. Luckliy, we landed ALIVE but I never flew with that certain airline again.

Then in the news I started hearing well- known airlines crashing, engines malfunctioning or plummeting into the Atlantic… here’s to you Air France.

But having recently travelled to Asia on Singapore Airlines, you’d think I’d feel more at ease flying with what used to be my favourite airline, but every bump had me in sweat! The air hostesses did nothing to help, you think that they would be a little more attentative and compassionate when it comes to uneasy travellers. But NO! We had an elderly woman that was terrified when the plane had to circle in the air due to high airport traffic and the air hostesses didn’t even bother to reassure let alone to at least glance at her, they walked past numerous times and just ignored her! Poor lady!

On the long flight home, a lady next to me refused to stop chatting to her friend on her iPad, she kept right on during take off and then put it away without turning it off once she had lost range. Then she bloody started again before landing! The air hostesses ignored this both times! I kindly asked her to put it away but she just smiled and nodded, language barrier I guess. Her actions elevated my fears to high levels!!!!

 I do lose sleep over my flight for couple weeks  before my scheduled flight. Hopefully this is just a hurdle that I will get over, because I really do love travelling. Or maybe I should roofy myself for a comfy ride…hmmmm….

The Clichéd Tourist.

After our Asian tour (which in two weeks!), we will be planning our amazing Europe trip for next year.  I have come to a decision that I will be a clichéd tourist. With a backpack, map, dorky hat, and a Nikon camera around my neck to shoot the most tacky photos of all time. I have gathered my top 5 clichéd shots that tourists take whilst abroad in Europe that I will definately be attempting.

5) The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Source: manicworld.com

Source: manicworld.com

While this may look like an reenactment of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, it’s a must when visiting the tower. Obviously, everyone else will have the same idea. Cudos to the guy in the black and guy on Youtube who went high fiving everyone posing. Tee hee.

4)  The Eiffel Tower

Source: tackytouristphotos.com

Source: tackytouristphotos.com

While this may not be the clichéd shot, I just love the way this guy got creative by seductively touching the point of the tower. Utter brilliance. I just might leave my husband for this guy. It’ll be either this pose or kissing on the green grass with the tower peering behind you.

3) London Guard

Source: photography.nationalgeographic.com

Source: photography.nationalgeographic.com

Posing with a London guard is must when visiting England. Double points for trying to make them smile or laugh. Who knows if you’re  lucky you might even get a amazing shot like this… of a guard sleeping…face down..on the ground. It’s a hard life!

2) Running from bulls

Source: boston.com

Source: boston.com

While I don’t agree with the killing of the bull. I think the ‘sport’ should be banned. However, they should still allow the bulls to terrify tourists to create shots like this!

1) Abbey Rd

Source: sites.udel.edu

Source: sites.udel.edu

Being a huge Beatles fan, this tourist shot is mandatory for me!  Obviously you won’t be the only one with this idea in mind. Apparently visiting this place is hilarious, with a long line of people from different paths in life, all stopping traffic to pose like the famous picture of  John, Paul, Ringo and George. There’s even a live web cam where you can catch the fun!  http://www.abbeyroad.com/crossing