Mail Art


Recently (2 days ago to be precise), I stumbled upon the wonderful world of Mail Art via YouTube.

The whole concept is very intriguing and had my curious ways plunging right into the sea of art awesomeness.

What is this Mail Art you ask?

It’s the same concept of Pen Pals but with art instead of letters.

There are no rules (but keep in mind to be polite). It’s also an excuse to share art from people of all ages across the globe.

There is a community you can join called International Union of Mail-Artists. Where you can connect with people to start sharing away.

A tad excited to see what I’ll receive and send!

Will keep you all posted.



The Liebster Award.


I received the Liebster Award from a fellow blogger animalsandmagic for my A Love Affair with Books blog.

Thank you Jennifer for the nomination! Please check out her great blog and make sure to follow.

To keep the Liebster Award rolling in the blogging community, there are some basic rules:

  • Each nominee must link back to the nominator’s blog
  • Answer 10 questions set by your nominee
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  •  Write 10 new questions of your own for your nominees to answer.
  • Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

This is lovely idea as it enables readers to get to know new bloggers & connect with a wider audience plus it’s FUN!

Here are the questions Jennifer set for me… so here we go!!

1) If you were to picture yourself as an animal what would you be and why?

Although, it’s a fish, I think I would definitely be a Sea Horse because I’m a bit peculiar, I love the water and would prefer my husband to carry and give birth to our future children!

2) Do you play video games? If so what game is your favorite?

Yes, I do. My all time favourite would have to be the classics… Super Mario and Zelda.

3) What fictional world would you love to be a part of and why?

Being a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, it would have to be the magical world of Harry Potter. Attending Hogwarts would be a stupendous. I would never want to go home! And yes,  I’m still waiting for my acceptance letter…

4) If you were a superhero’s sidekick what superhero would you want to be partnered up with most?

I would be Robin… so I can ride with Bruce in the Bat Mobile 😀

5) If you were a smurf what would your name be?

Dreamer Smurf.

6) Quick, name a book! What book did you think of first?

The Lovely Bones (because it’s on my nightstand ready to be read).

7) What one food do you think you could never get tired of eating? 


8) What’s one thing you wish somebody would invent?

An automatic makeup applicator, to save time in the mornings.

9) Who is your favorite fictional character and what do you like about them?

Elizabeth Bennet… her wit and charm never ceases to amaze me.

10) If you could have an animal character from either a book, TV show, or movie, which would you choose and why?  

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, firstly because I loved that show when growing up, and I found Salem so funny and who wouldn’t want to have three awesome Witches as your owners?

Okay, it took me while with these but here are my nominees:


2. editorialeyes

3. Stories about Goats

4. Grace’s Wanderings

5. Chris Knox

6.  A Rare Pocket of Time

7. laurynthemagnanimous

8. Ne Jibana- The Twisted Flower

9.  Teacups and Literature

10.  The Secret Life of Miss Nerd

Nominees here are your questions. You must answer these on your own blogs, just as I have.. and don’t forget to have fun! I’ll answer these questions myself within the next week. Followers/readers are more than welcome to answer these in the comment section.

1) Which fictional character from a book, TV show or movie, would be your ideal partner? Why?

2) A Cherished Memory

3) Which one do you prefer… read the book or watch movie adaptation?

4) Which fictional character from a book, TV show or movie resembles you the most and why?

5) A song that moves you

6)  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

7) Your favourite current TV Show

8) Do you believe in love at first sight?

9) How would you sum up your blog in a single sentence?

10) Who has been your greatest inspiration?



A Love Affair With Books

beauty and the beast and the library

This meme just about sums up my life.

My hunger for reading began at quite a young age… while other little girls were busy with their barbie and Ariel dolls (real 90s baby here!), I was busy reading books. Don’t get me wrong, I did my fair share of pretend play with dolls and toys but books was a place where  I could immerse myself into a vivid fantasy world.

The first book I remember purchasing with my own pocket money was Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes (which I still own), whilst I was in second grade and was 7 years old.

Then came the Disney movie Beauty & The Beast. Beast’s library. That was the real fairy tale ending for me.

Endless shelves of books, what more can you ever ask for?

That library still makes me swoon like none other.

My dream is to recreate it in my own home but at a much smaller scale of course!

My first ‘grown up’ book I ever read was when I was 10 years old and it was Dean Koontz’s Lightening.

 It made me smile, indignant and tearful all rolled into one. 

It is still probably one of the best modern books I have read, not only because of the astounding plot, but because it holds a special place in my heart.

Reading is still my escape, a place where I can get lost with words that consume me with emotives that no movie ever could.

That being said, I have decided to add book reviews to my blog to ensure that the little girl  for a love of books in me never dies.

At that note, here’s a  few words of wisdom to live by:

Marry the beast and get THAT library.

Japanese Penpals



I used to have a lovely Japanese Penpal back in High School. I used to love receiving a letter (on kawaii Japanese stationary) and

sometimes a gift. Because I’m wanting to start learning  Japanese, I thought it would be a great idea to sign up for a Penpal, to help

me with my Japanese and I could help them with their English and also just learning about their fascinating culture.

Just overnight I had received 19 responses! 4 of which that I would like to keep as Penpals.

The way of knowing that you’ve found a great is their response letter.

If it’s too short most likely it won’t be interesting. SKIP.

If they want to know what you are wearing. SKIP (Or RUN even!).

I asked for a couple of hobbies, occupation, age, gender, and their favourite Japanese cartoon character to be included in their repsonse.

The best responses were the honest, fun, and interesting ones!

Can’t wait to post more on my new friends.

Sayonara for now


Movies that are so bad… that they’re good!

Whilst growing up in the early 90s, I grew up watching  80s/early 90s  movies, with an elder sibling and elder cousins we had no other choice. Having trouble falling asleep last night, I decided to trawl through archives of movies on a certain website.  Having seen most of the new movies, I decided on some disastrous nostalgic material.

Inspired by the terrible but good movie from last night I decided to make up a list of those types of movies. You know the ones. We all grew up with them. Some are embarrassingly our favourites. Here’s mine:

Death Becomes Her


Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn together in one movie, you would expect a brilliant, Oscar-worthy movie right? WRONG!  With a Bruce dressed like a pedo, and terrible acting to match. This story is about two childhood friends who are fighting over the same pedo… I mean the same man. Through in an obese Goldie, cats, an eternal youth potion which also makes you invincible, twisted necks, and a see through abdomen. BAM! You’ve got a great lame 80s movie for a boring night.  My favourite part? When Meryl Streep’s boobs inflate after taking the potion. GOLD.

Drop Dead Fred


I loved this movie as a kid and still do. It’s about a girl who has an imaginary friend, Fred, as a child. Fast forward a decade and she’s starting to see him again. Fred, is this  weird ginge with very crazy antics. The acting is terrible along with the tacky comedy. Also, the fact that the main character may actually have a mental illness from the abuse she copped from her over-controlling mother. Mental issues aside, my favourite quote? From when she starts seeing Fred again, he asks her ” You mean you’ve been doing it like the pigeons? Ooh yuck!!!”


cannon media promo 6

I loved this movie because I always wanted my Barbie to come alive. So watching this as a child was a dream come true. But it’s actually about a virgin who falls in love with a mannequin (Kim Catrall), whilst working in a department store. Oh, by the way she also comes alive after hours and yes there is also a sex scene…with the mannequin… who is alive… and apparently cursed from Ancient Egypt?

Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching this movie  and my favourite part was when the mannequin is on a motorbike ride with her virgin human boyfriend and she flips the bird to on-coming traffic. I laughed so hard as a child! And also seeing the quirky 80s department store fashion!



Michael J. Fox was my hero as a child, he always did the best movies like Back To The Future (obviously!), Doc Hollywood, The Frighteners etc. and Teen Wolf was one of them!  A teen werewolf who is a star basketball player…Whats not to love? This a must watch. Lessons learnt from this movie:

1) Do not try doing backflips on top of a moving vehicle… unless you are a TEEN werewolf

2) Hairy guys turn on the popular bitchy girls. So boys put away that shaving gear.

3) The best way to buy beer when you are underage is to wait till your eyes turn blood-red and speak like a zombie to the guy at the counter.

Life Lessons Learnt.

Can’t Buy Me Love


Such a typical 80s teen romance flick. I love this movie because it gives hope to the misfits and geeks at school. Yes, money can buy you a girl. A popular girl at that. McDreamy hires his highschool crush as a girlfriend to become popular at school. While they are pretending to be in love, she really does fall for him after a while.

Best part? The African Anteater Ritual. If you have seen this you know what I’m talking about!

Watch it here.




Similar to TeenWolf, this is about an unpopular girl at school who finds she’s a witch and has powers. She uses them to get revenge on high school bitches and teachers… and also to score the popular jock as her boyfriend. But soon finds out the she cheated herself. The best part? When her geeky best friend busts out a rap and some hip hop dancing skills. TOP THAT!

Get the laughs here.

Cry Baby


This freak show of a movie is fantastic! It’s like Grease with creepy characters. If you want a fat Ricki Lake, Iggy Pop bathing in a tin bucket, and a muso Johnny Depp all rolled into one then this movie is for you. Killer soundtrack and strange comedy. Favourite character? Mona Hatchetface. She completely freaked me out that I had to check if she was real!

Encino Man


Encino Man stars Pauly Shore and a very young Brendan Fraser. It’s two teenagers finding a frozen caveman (Brendan), whilst digging for a new pool. It brings back 90s nostalgia. Some very stupid and tacky moments but very endearing. Favourite part? When Link (Brendan) goes to war with a garbage truck.



I love Tim Burton’s movies. The have a distinctive style to them (usually the tacky decor). You can almost always tell when you are watching a Tim Burton movie, even without reading the credits. Beetlejuice is one of those odd creation of Burton’s. About a dead couple who want to scare off the family who have moved into their house. Beetlejuice is a crazy bio-exorcist, who turns things for worse for the recently deceased couple. Favourite part? When the couple try to scare the family with traditional bed sheets with holes.


Poltergeist I & II


They’re here!!! Probably one of the first horror films I saw, which scared me to death. I could not sleep, let alone let the tv pixelate when the channels are changed or the video has finished. Looking back, you realize how bad these movies actually are. With crap acting and special effects. But it’s one of those movies that you will watch again and again even though it’s bad! It’s about Poltergeist who take the family’s cute daughter into a parallel universe of poltergeist land. Oh and they connect with her through the tv, there’s a scary clown toy that comes alive, apparently real skeleton used as props and of course the most scariest gigantic Tequila worm that swallows a man whole. It happens twice to the same family. Yup. Scary stuff.

The Fear of Flying


As a child there was nothing more exciting than sitting on the plane, because that meant I would be going somewhere new and fun. Also, the joy of receiving an activity pack from the pretty air hostesses which usually included crayons, colouring book, toy and sometimes a small backpack.

Never affected by any inflight turbulence, knowing that my parents were right there to protect me. Fast forward another 20 years and BAM! My fear of flying has taken over! It’s not that I don’t travel enough, I travel quite a lot actually.

It may be from the bad turbulence on a budget flight ( let’s just say that they have been named after a wild animal) that I experienced flying from Tasmania back to Melbourne, where it sounded like the engine stopped and the plane dropped a few metres. Passengers including myself were screaming and gripping down hard on armrests with our knuckles turning white. Luckliy, we landed ALIVE but I never flew with that certain airline again.

Then in the news I started hearing well- known airlines crashing, engines malfunctioning or plummeting into the Atlantic… here’s to you Air France.

But having recently travelled to Asia on Singapore Airlines, you’d think I’d feel more at ease flying with what used to be my favourite airline, but every bump had me in sweat! The air hostesses did nothing to help, you think that they would be a little more attentative and compassionate when it comes to uneasy travellers. But NO! We had an elderly woman that was terrified when the plane had to circle in the air due to high airport traffic and the air hostesses didn’t even bother to reassure let alone to at least glance at her, they walked past numerous times and just ignored her! Poor lady!

On the long flight home, a lady next to me refused to stop chatting to her friend on her iPad, she kept right on during take off and then put it away without turning it off once she had lost range. Then she bloody started again before landing! The air hostesses ignored this both times! I kindly asked her to put it away but she just smiled and nodded, language barrier I guess. Her actions elevated my fears to high levels!!!!

 I do lose sleep over my flight for couple weeks  before my scheduled flight. Hopefully this is just a hurdle that I will get over, because I really do love travelling. Or maybe I should roofy myself for a comfy ride…hmmmm….

We are infinite.


I was given a copy of the The Perks of Being a Wallflower dvd last christmas as a Secret Santa present from work. For some odd reason I kept putting off watching the movie. Maybe because it had Emma Watson in it and I wasn’t sure if she had such great acting ability outside of Harry Potter. I didn’t know anything about the movie let alone that it was a book. It sat there in its pristine plastic covering until last night.

The film starts off  with a proclaimed loser starting his first day in high school, looking to make new friends, sitting alone in the cafeteria… blah blah blah. I thought oh great another cliched teen movie, until my favourite character, Patrick is introduced. After 3 minutes and 67 seconds in, I knew this was something different and immediately that this movie would be my cup of tea.

The plot touches base on illicit drug use, family issues, domestic violence, homosexuality, sexual abuse and love. A concoction of issues and emotions. There are only a handful of movies where a scene is so amazing that it gives you goosebumps. For me, this was the tunnel scene. The first one. If you have seen the movie you know what I am talking about. I think it explains a lot about Emma Watson’s character Sam, her carefree and let go spirit and the way that the main character Charlie gazes at her craving for the same freedom and also craving for her. I adored Emma in this role, so different from her previous one, she did a spectacular job. So charming and believable.

I am usually not the type to see a movie adaption before reading the book, however, on its rarity, the movie was actually directed by the author himself. The first thing I did after I finished watching was to buy the book. I can’t wait to be reintroduced to these amazing  characters in literature. So I know what I’ll be reading on my holiday to Asia. If you haven’t seen the the movie yet, I suggest that you do! While you’re at it download the soundtrack, the songs fit in perfectly with the movie. On that note, I’ll turn the speakers up for my rekindled love for 80s and 90s music. Especially, Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners.


Sick as a dog!

Golden Retriever puppy


What started off as sniffles is now the full-blown flu. Oh good god I hate being sick!

Because I suffer from mild claustrophobia, a stuffy nose means no sleep. I know death awaits me if I fall asleep and forget to breathe through my mouth!

How things change when you are an adult, I used actually love falling sick when I was  younger, because it would mean no school, a warm blankie, the couch,  awesome 90’s cartoons (poor kids these days have such crappy things to watch) all day, and a personal maid or butler (mum or dad).

But now all we want is a speedy recovery, because you have to fend for yourself. Also, because there are so many things we need to get done like work and house chores.

Funny that when you were young all you wanted was to grow older and now all you want is to be a kid again…

First Babble: Always late to tune in.



Why is it that I’m always so late to catch on to seriously good tv shows?

Game of Thrones for example, I only started watching it last month and it’s already in its 3rd season. (I heard there’s intense and shocking moments towards the end of season 3. Please don’t let anything happen to Arya. She’s my muse! No spoilers please.)

Another one was Weeds. I actually started watching it in December last year…after it had completed its EIGHTH season forever.

Yes I admit it. Started watching Friends for the first time when they played re-runs on TV a few years back.

Get my drift?

But I think I’ve figured out why.

It’s maybe because I have trust issues with people telling me how good something is and that I utterly detest people telling me what to do.

Or that I am so hipster that I like tv shows when its vintage. Because current is too mainstream.

I think I’ll go with the second.