Japanese Penpals



I used to have a lovely Japanese Penpal back in High School. I used to love receiving a letter (on kawaii Japanese stationary) and

sometimes a gift. Because I’m wanting to start learning  Japanese, I thought it would be a great idea to sign up for a Penpal, to help

me with my Japanese and I could help them with their English and also just learning about their fascinating culture.

Just overnight I had received 19 responses! 4 of which that I would like to keep as Penpals.

The way of knowing that you’ve found a great is their response letter.

If it’s too short most likely it won’t be interesting. SKIP.

If they want to know what you are wearing. SKIP (Or RUN even!).

I asked for a couple of hobbies, occupation, age, gender, and their favourite Japanese cartoon character to be included in their repsonse.

The best responses were the honest, fun, and interesting ones!

Can’t wait to post more on my new friends.

Sayonara for now