DIY Natural Beauty Treatments

Want an easy, cheap and effective way to minimise those pores?

Your answer is Milk.


Pure milk is a proven skin cleansing agent which also help to minimise pores.

Apply boiled milk, whilst still warm on the skin with a piece of wool to remove dirt even from pores of skin.

You’ll see the difference!

Another great DIY recipe for a toner.

Rosewater is commonly used in Middle Eastern and Indian foods, however, it also makes an effective toner for the skin.

A mixture of equal amount of lime juice, glycerin and rose water has great effects on skin. This solution will remove pimples and blackheads from skin.

All the ingredients can easily be found in your local supermarket.


If you are low on cash or prefer to make your own rosewater like I do (I am much more satisfied when I know exactly what I am putting on my skin), here’s the recipe on how you can make your own:

1. The petals must be freshly picked. Pesticides or chemicals should not be used while growing them, which is why it makes sense to use roses that you have grown yourself.

2. Pick flowers two to three hours after sunrise when the morning dew has evaporated.

3. Use only petals, not the stem and leaves.

4. Wash thoroughly to remove bugs and dirt particles.

5. Place the rose petals in a large pot of distilled water.

6. Add just enough water to cover the petals. Too much water will give you very diluted rose water.

7. Cover the pot with a lid and simmer on a low flame. The water should be steaming hot not boiling hot.

8. Allow the water to steam until the petals have lost their colour and the water has taken on the colour of the rose petals. You will see the rose oil floating on the surface.

9. Strain the water and collect in a container. Store it in a refrigerator. It will last longer this way.

Because rosewater is a natural moisturiser, I like to store mine in a small spray bottle. It’s great as a makeup setter and anytime you need a little hydration.


Glowing Skin… The Natural Way

I was born in Fiji but came to Australia when I was 3 , so it must come naturally to have that Island Glow when it comes to skin right? Wrong! After spending a while  in Fiji last year, I picked up a few tips for skincare from locals.

For glowing skin, dab cotton wool into some coconut milk. Apply onto face and leave on for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse off with lukewarm water. Other benefits of coconut milk is that it can protect skin from disease and also add natural moisture. Although, tinned coconut milk is okay to use, I prefer making my own as it’s cost effective and organic without any nasty chemicals in tinned cans such BPA. To make your own coconut milk is relatively easy.

You will need:

  • 4 cups of water
  • 1½ – 2 cups of Coconut flakes/ shredded coconut ( I prefer mine Organic)

Heat water until hot (but not boiling).
Add shredded coconut and water to blender
Blend on high for until the mixture is thick and creamy.
Pour through a colander to filter out the coconut pulp, then squeeze through a cheese cloth or muslin to filter the smaller pieces of coconut.
Use immediately or store in the fridge. Fresh coconut milk should be used within 3-4 days of making it for the best flavor and texture. You can drink a glass after your pampering session too!


The Clichéd Tourist.

After our Asian tour (which in two weeks!), we will be planning our amazing Europe trip for next year.  I have come to a decision that I will be a clichéd tourist. With a backpack, map, dorky hat, and a Nikon camera around my neck to shoot the most tacky photos of all time. I have gathered my top 5 clichéd shots that tourists take whilst abroad in Europe that I will definately be attempting.

5) The Leaning Tower of Pisa



While this may look like an reenactment of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, it’s a must when visiting the tower. Obviously, everyone else will have the same idea. Cudos to the guy in the black and guy on Youtube who went high fiving everyone posing. Tee hee.

4)  The Eiffel Tower



While this may not be the clichéd shot, I just love the way this guy got creative by seductively touching the point of the tower. Utter brilliance. I just might leave my husband for this guy. It’ll be either this pose or kissing on the green grass with the tower peering behind you.

3) London Guard



Posing with a London guard is must when visiting England. Double points for trying to make them smile or laugh. Who knows if you’re  lucky you might even get a amazing shot like this… of a guard sleeping…face down..on the ground. It’s a hard life!

2) Running from bulls



While I don’t agree with the killing of the bull. I think the ‘sport’ should be banned. However, they should still allow the bulls to terrify tourists to create shots like this!

1) Abbey Rd



Being a huge Beatles fan, this tourist shot is mandatory for me!  Obviously you won’t be the only one with this idea in mind. Apparently visiting this place is hilarious, with a long line of people from different paths in life, all stopping traffic to pose like the famous picture of  John, Paul, Ringo and George. There’s even a live web cam where you can catch the fun!

We are infinite.


I was given a copy of the The Perks of Being a Wallflower dvd last christmas as a Secret Santa present from work. For some odd reason I kept putting off watching the movie. Maybe because it had Emma Watson in it and I wasn’t sure if she had such great acting ability outside of Harry Potter. I didn’t know anything about the movie let alone that it was a book. It sat there in its pristine plastic covering until last night.

The film starts off  with a proclaimed loser starting his first day in high school, looking to make new friends, sitting alone in the cafeteria… blah blah blah. I thought oh great another cliched teen movie, until my favourite character, Patrick is introduced. After 3 minutes and 67 seconds in, I knew this was something different and immediately that this movie would be my cup of tea.

The plot touches base on illicit drug use, family issues, domestic violence, homosexuality, sexual abuse and love. A concoction of issues and emotions. There are only a handful of movies where a scene is so amazing that it gives you goosebumps. For me, this was the tunnel scene. The first one. If you have seen the movie you know what I am talking about. I think it explains a lot about Emma Watson’s character Sam, her carefree and let go spirit and the way that the main character Charlie gazes at her craving for the same freedom and also craving for her. I adored Emma in this role, so different from her previous one, she did a spectacular job. So charming and believable.

I am usually not the type to see a movie adaption before reading the book, however, on its rarity, the movie was actually directed by the author himself. The first thing I did after I finished watching was to buy the book. I can’t wait to be reintroduced to these amazing  characters in literature. So I know what I’ll be reading on my holiday to Asia. If you haven’t seen the the movie yet, I suggest that you do! While you’re at it download the soundtrack, the songs fit in perfectly with the movie. On that note, I’ll turn the speakers up for my rekindled love for 80s and 90s music. Especially, Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners.


Sick as a dog!

Golden Retriever puppy


What started off as sniffles is now the full-blown flu. Oh good god I hate being sick!

Because I suffer from mild claustrophobia, a stuffy nose means no sleep. I know death awaits me if I fall asleep and forget to breathe through my mouth!

How things change when you are an adult, I used actually love falling sick when I was  younger, because it would mean no school, a warm blankie, the couch,  awesome 90’s cartoons (poor kids these days have such crappy things to watch) all day, and a personal maid or butler (mum or dad).

But now all we want is a speedy recovery, because you have to fend for yourself. Also, because there are so many things we need to get done like work and house chores.

Funny that when you were young all you wanted was to grow older and now all you want is to be a kid again…

Buttermilk & Eczema


With many children suffering from Eczema, I believe that allergies regarding the skin treated with natural or herbal remedies work much better than regular medicines. Buttermilk for example, 1 cup a day will ensure that your digestive system remains clear and the first place where this will reflect on is your skin! However, it may be a struggle to get one cup down each day with your little one. An easier solution would be a bath with buttermilk or rub it on their skin and wash it, as it acts as a cleansing, de-tanning and a moisturizing agent… Great for Eczema sufferers.
Here is a great homemade recipe for a bath soak:

2 Cups of Buttermilk

1/2 cup of blended Mint leaves

1 cup of Oatmeal

Add to the bath with warm water.

Note: Please perform a patch test on skin prior to the bath.

Ingredient benefits:

Buttermilk: Buttermilk is a mild anti-inflammatory and delivers an immediate cooling effect.

Mint: Mint rarely comes to mind as a treatment for skin problems. Mint, however, functions as more than an added flavor to your iced tea. Menthol oil, derived from peppermint, is the main ingredient in many skin ointments and lotions. This ingredient soothes skin irritations like sunburns, insect bites and allergic rashes.

Oatmeal: With Eczema, the skin becomes very dry and flaky cause more itch and uneasiness. Therefore, you need to moisturise and oatmeal does just that!


First Babble: Always late to tune in.



Why is it that I’m always so late to catch on to seriously good tv shows?

Game of Thrones for example, I only started watching it last month and it’s already in its 3rd season. (I heard there’s intense and shocking moments towards the end of season 3. Please don’t let anything happen to Arya. She’s my muse! No spoilers please.)

Another one was Weeds. I actually started watching it in December last year…after it had completed its EIGHTH season forever.

Yes I admit it. Started watching Friends for the first time when they played re-runs on TV a few years back.

Get my drift?

But I think I’ve figured out why.

It’s maybe because I have trust issues with people telling me how good something is and that I utterly detest people telling me what to do.

Or that I am so hipster that I like tv shows when its vintage. Because current is too mainstream.

I think I’ll go with the second.

Simple & Natural Spot Remedy


Want a simple, natural and effective way to get rid of your spots? Here’s a simple solution.


1 Teaspoon of Nutmeg

1/2 Teaspoon of Milk

Mix the above ingredients until you form a brown thin paste. Apply to spots, leave overnight. Rinse off with a gentle cleanser in the morning. You will see results in no time! A simple yet effective solution.

*Tip: Store above ingredients in appropriate quantities into cute jars. Add honey to fill up the jar so the consistency is a paste, tie a twine bow with an instruction tag to give as super cute handmade gifts!